Miami Florida Wedding | 4th of July Theme

Glen and Stephanie


     This wedding was a totally different experience to start with, first it was on 4th of July, a holiday that celebrates the independence of America, time where everyone gets together with their families and have fun with lots of delicious food and fireworks. Glen and Stephanie's wedding happened to be on this amazing day in Downtown Miami. Their ceremony was at an absolutely beautiful church, and reception was help on a boat along the river which made this wedding truly one of a kind. But what else was unique and different is that this wedding was captured by not one, or two, but FOUR photographers, luckily we are all friends and ended up having lots of fun working together and provide the best coverage that was possible to capture every single details of this beautiful wedding.


     A wedding is celebration of love and happiness, when two become ONE, and chose to celebrate each other for the rest of their life, one of the reasons why i love so much photographing weddings is because i get to witness every single time how one single day can be filled with magical moments that will last a life time and i am so blessed to be there to capture it for my clients.



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