I’m a lover of the arts, and an accomplished photographer & MUA. Since i founded Ina Pandora Photography in 2009, I’ve photographed hundreds of happy couples, local Celebrities and people all across the world. I’ve been acknowledged for my work in national Bridal and Fashion magazines,Landed on TOP 5 Beauty Deeva Artist on the Women On The Rise Orlando GALA Award 2018,  Blogs such as The Knot, DIY Magazine, 2018 International Piece and Film Festival, Brides, etc and local businesses. I truly believe a picture is worth a thousands words!…

With that said i gotta mention i had the best childhood ever, modeling for my father who used to do photography as a hobby was a memory imprinted in my heart for the rest of my life. Spending countless hours in our little development lab we had at home :)) waiting to see the result of his work as he photographed me and everyone else, i still get shivers thinking about those memories. I grew up in a small country called Moldova situated between Ukraine & Romania and moved to Florida, USA in 2012. Passion for photography is rooted from my childhood ,as you can tell I fell in love with the art of photography at a young age. Even as an adult attending law school, I continued to refine my photography skills as a hobby.Once I finished college, I decided to do photography full time as it was, and remains my passion and the dream i got to live and follow every day.

Also another passion of mine is make up, reason why i started my Youtube channel  where you can follow my journey along side, where i create different makeup looks inspired by celebrities or cartoon characters or halloween or simply reviewing products..  Although i have been self taught for over 10 years i did finally got certified this year with Online Makeup Academy, which inspired me to create more and and dedicate even more time to it.

Can’t wait to share my passion and years of photography and make up artistry experience with you. And i can’t wait to get to know you and  hear your story ?!

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